The Jezreel Valley Youth Ensemble for Early and World Music

Artistic Director: Dr. Marina Minkin

Producer: Gili Jaeger

The multicultural youth ensemble “Lauda” was founded at the Jezreel Valley Art Center 5 years ago, and it is performing in front of school students, in concerts and in various cultural events.

In 2007 and 2008, the ensemble represented Israel in the context of musical and cultural youth meetings that took place in Weimar, Germany. In 2012 the group took part in the multicultural festival in Trento, Italy, in collaboration with the Teatro Arcobaleno.

The ensemble’s name LAUDA comes from Italian songs of praise, which were popular during Renaissance, and is a reminiscent of the Latin term to indicate a high level of achievement. The main goal of the ensemble is performing various musical styles from different cultures, through a process of learning their folklore traditions.

There are 12 participants in the ensemble, including male and female vocalists, wind instrumentalists (flutes, recorders, oboes), western and eastern-style string instrument players, traditional Arabic instrumentalists (oud, darbuka), and a harpsichordist. The singers and the musicians in the ensemble – Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians – express in a most beautiful way the unique and diverse Israeli culture of the Jezreel Valley Art Center.