The center includes a conservatory recognized by the Israel Ministry of Education.  Over 400 students study music privately and participate in the Center’s many choirs and ensembles.  Many more students study at branches in the villages of Shimsheet, Harduf and Hoshaya, and school music programs.

The Music Center is home to the highly noted, multi-cultural Shani Girls' Choir conducted by Hadas Shturman.  It’s members come from Arab and Jewish schools in the Jezreel Valley and Nazareth and its suburbs.  

Performance venues have included the President's residence in Israel, The Vatican, the Mormon Church in Jerusalem and many multicultural events in Germany, Italy and the United States. The young singers combine the highest level of musicianship with a message of peace and understanding that reaches the hearts of all who hear them. Through their friendship with one another, they set an example of coexistence as a way of life.

The Lauda Ensemble, directed by Dr. Marina Minkin, is open to advanced music students and specializes in early and ethnic music.  Advanced string students play in the Jezreel Valley String Ensemble conducted by Zvi Carmeli, which has performed throughout Israel and in several festivals in Europe.

The Center has recently established an excellence in music program for junior high school students.  These students spend between 6-10 hours a week in workshops including improvisation, composition, music theory, and ensemble work.

There is also a matriculation program in music for grades 10 – 12.  More than 60 students study in the Music Matriculation program.